Month: November 2014

Is Dentistry Becoming a Pain in the Neck… Literally?

We’re sure you’ve noticed the signs… Pain in your back, neck, shoulders, hands and fingers that make it difficult to focus on your work. You probably know that work-related musculoskeletal disorders are more common in dentists than in nearly ANY OTHER part of the population— with up to 93% reporting symptoms. This pain might seem like a simple, unpreventable annoyance, but you shouldn’t write it off because it “comes with the territory.” Realistically, this annoying pain can lead to long-term damage and risk of further injury.   To actually address the problem, you first need to understand the root....

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The 10 Habits That Are Guaranteed to Amplify Your Engagement

Out of all the strategies and principles I teach to doctors around the world, the most DIFFICULT one to explain is engagement. Why? Well, until you’ve become engaged and experienced how it SUPER-CHARGES your Practice— production, collections, revenue, EVERYTHING— then you just don’t understand exactly what it means. I can show you the 1-10 Engagement Scale I’ve created, (with 1 being disconnected and apathetic, and 10 being ON FIRE,) but unless you’ve experienced TRUE engagement, none of it will really click for you.  I can read you hundreds upon hundreds of testimonials from doctors whose lives have changed forever...

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