Month: November 2014

3 to 1: The Golden Rule of Appreciation

Who doesn’t like to feel appreciated? And let’s be honest… How often do you feel like you are truly appreciated at work? The truth is, appreciation affects more than our ego; it also has a significant effect on our productivity. In fact, studies show that work groups with a ratio of 3 to 1 POSITIVE interactions are significantly more productive than groups with lower ratios. So what does that mean for you? The more positive interactions you create with your team, the more you boost productivity and production… in a very real way. Here are some simple but effective...

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The Most Important Advice I’ll Ever Give You (by Jay Geier)

Out of every career option in the entire world, you picked this one. You chose to be a dentist; no one else chose it for you. So think back— do you remember what drew you to this career? It’s a great industry to be in. But was it all about the money and job security? What is your vision? What is your purpose?  I have asked myself these questions so many times in my 20+ years of advising dentists. I don’t have to work anymore. I don’t need any more money or stuff. The reason I continue working is...

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Making Thanksgiving a Lifestyle… Not Just a Holiday

Thanksgiving. Of all of the holidays, this is absolutely one of my favorites. Do you know why? I believe that showing gratitude at every opportunity is one of THE most important things you can do. I believe it’s important for your relationships with your staff, your friends, your family, and your patients. I think that gratitude is one of the most underrated, and under PRACTICED habits in the world… Particularly in our culture. Think about how many good things we receive on a daily basis. Water. Food. Warmth. Somewhere to sleep… And those are just the basics! The list...

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A Big “HOORAY!” for Our Battle of the Stats Winners

We are proud to announce the PRIZE WINNERS for our October 2014 Battle of the Stats! These superstars made the commitment to regularly updating their stats online, and it has paid off in more ways than one! Make sure YOU are eligible for next month’s Battle of the Stats by regularly updating YOUR stats. Just click HERE to log-on to the SI Members website! By keeping your stats current, you’ll be more likely to accomplish your goals, increase your productivity, and inspire your entire team to do the same.   $300 Prize: Congratulations to Mara Alicea from Dr. Jose...

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In Honor of Our Veterans: $224,290 Raised for Wounded Warrior Project

On Friday, October 23rd, 5,500 of our awesome, crazy, highly-engaged doctors and teams flew from around the globe to attend the 5X Summit— our BIGGEST event ever! Because of the enormous member presence this weekend, Jay felt compelled to set the tone of impact and generosity. He decided that to maximize the group’s momentum, he should rally support behind a specific cause. His choice? Veterans. Men and women who’ve dedicated years of their lives to serving our country, and protecting our families. Many of them returned from the war and never received even half of the appreciation that they...

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