Month: October 2014

Dr. Dina Fixler’s Team Takes Generosity 5X After Atlanta Summit

Last weekend, October 23rd-25th, 5,297 doctors and their teams traveled to the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia to connect with offices from around the world, soak up inspiration from renowned speakers, learn production boosting strategies, and take their engagement to a whole new level. After three high-energy days of learning, most teams were exhausted… And ready to head back to home base for some good ole R & R. Not Dr. Dina Fixler’s team! This University Heights Dental team from Ohio decided to spend their Saturday evening doing something we WISH we’d thought of ourselves… Bringing the spirit of...

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1.8 Million Reasons to Get an Associate

Throughout our lives, we all build MENTAL BARRIERS against things that we just don’t want to do. Maybe it’s our pride, our ego, or our fear— but these are not REAL. These obstacles are created in your mind, and they keep you from accomplishing the level of success that is within your reach. The truth is if you haven’t yet hired an associate, you are probably facing a self-made mental barrier. You need to get around it NOW. It isn’t going to get easier. You just have to realize that whatever obstacle is keeping your from making the decision...

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Are Your Inefficient Processes Costing You Thousands?

Consider this…. When you need to go somewhere, you just climb into your car, turn it on, and start driving. You don’t think about all of its interconnected pieces— the engine, fuel injector, transmission, clutch, or brakes… In fact, it isn’t until you car has a PROBLEM that you think about all of its working parts. When a New Patient comes into your Practice, they don’t think about the many different systems and processes that work together to create their experience. All they think about is getting in and out as quickly as possible with the best possible care....

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Engagement: Keeping the Momentum

As we head into the LARGEST Scheduling Institute Event ever, there’s something I’d like to discuss. The 5X Summit will be the largest dental training summit EVER held… I have spent over 2 MILLION dollars on making it an unforgettable weekend for you and your team, and something that you will talk about for years to come, BUT…. I need your help. Without your help, this event won’t accomplish my ultimate goal. Without your help, this weekend will be a good time. Some of your team members will have life changing revelations, and some team bonding will definitely occur…...

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It PAYS to Keep Up With Your Stats Online….

It’s that time again…. Our Battle of the Stats winners have been chosen! Congratulations to these hardworking individuals, and good luck to everyone next month! Don’t forget that you need to consistently update your stats online to be eligible for the cash prize AND for our Brand New JEEP Giveaway. The winners are…. $300 Prize: Awarded to Adrieanne Bilotta from Dr. Kim Boldt’s office, (Hygiene U stats— submitted February ’13- Septemper ’14) $200 Prize: Awarded to Becky Bushnell from Dr. Stan Baird’s office, (Front Desk and Team Leader U stats— submitted November ’13- September ’14) $100 Prize: Awarded to...

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