Month: September 2014

Why FUN Is Not the End-All Be-All

A few weeks ago, the Scheduling Institute was honored as one of the BEST 10 PLACES TO WORK in Atlanta for the second year in a row!  As the leader of my company, this means a lot to me. Honestly, I don’t care if my team is happy with me every single day. Sometimes I tell them things that they don’t want to hear. I am truthful with them in order to help them grow, and sometimes it makes them very uncomfortable. I have no problem with making people uncomfortable. Fearing confrontation is just not a part of my...

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A Case for Tracking Your Marketing Efforts

CASE: Because of the nature of your “products,” a good portion of your potential patients prefer to call and speak to the front office team on the phone rather than fill out an online appointment form. Because of this, you are forced to deal with the obstacle of not being able to track lead generation. Usually, when speaking to these potential new patients, Practices resort to asking them how they heard about the office. While most leads state that they come from an online search, most can typically offer specific information about which ad they saw, if they were...

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8 Instant Tricks to Achieve First-Class Headlines

Ever since I was young, I’ve found marketing to be totally fascinating. The whole idea of using psychology to get people’s attention, of helping them understand that you HAVE something worthwhile…. I’ve never understood why “selling” has such a NEGATIVE connotation. I mean, think about it— it is the most basic human concept, and it has existed as long as we have, back to the cavemen. It is making someone fall in love with an idea, using only your words. And before SOMETHING exists, that’s all there is… an Idea. Everything starts in that one little seed. But planting...

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Are 1 Out of Every 2 New Patients Falling Out of Your Pipeline?

Let’s do a quick mental exercise together. Alright, imagine that your Practice is a pipeline. Patients enter at one end, receive services, and then leave out the other end. The end where they are initially entering the pipe— that is where marketing comes into play. Marketing is the force that drives New Patients TO your Practice. It seizes their attention and calls them to act— so they pick up the phone, schedule an appointment… BOOM. Into the pipeline they go.   But what if there were a hole at the very beginning of the pipe? What if for every...

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It’s Time to CELEBRATE! (This Month’s “U” Battle of the Stats Winners, Of Course!)

Do YOU want to drive home in a BRAND NEW JEEP in 2015? We are going to be giving away Jeeps to the BEST “U” Staff Members… Don’t miss your chance!! To be eligible, remember to enter your stats every single month… Once you create the habit, it’ll be surprisingly easy. Just click HERE to log-in on the SI Members website and enter your stats. Congratulations to all of our dedicated winners!! Keep up the hard work, and keep your team’s engagement high! $300 Christa Akins- HU/TLU- Dr. Mark Wilson & Tim Fiquett (submitted January ’13- August ’14) $200...

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