Month: August 2014

Drumroll Please…. This Month’s Battle of the Stat Winners Are:

Are YOU remembering to update your stats? Once it becomes a habit, you’ll find EVERYTHING gets easier! The Battle of the Stat Winners for the month of July are….. 1st place:  Sue Abdallah from Dr. Justin Ahoyt’s office rocked it! She tracked her stats from September ’11 to July ’14. Sue is receiving a $300 prize! 2nd place: Shonta Amandolia from Dr. Robert Woods’ office really knocked it out of the park, tracking all of her stats from August ’13 to July ’14. Shonta is taking home a $200 prize. 3rd place: Congratulations to Carolina Banderas from Dr. Richard George...

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The “Aha” Moment: It Isn’t About What YOU Can Do

The other day I was talking with someone about my vision for the Scheduling Institute, and he asked if I wanted to own a business where I can get a lot done.   I hesitated. It is actually a really interesting question, and if I had just answered yes, I’d realized that I would have been doing a disservice to the truth. See, I’m really creating something different…   I’m designing a place where I can build a team and instruct them on what to do. It’s really not about what I do. It is about what I can...

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How Many Smiles Will You Impact This Year?

I am excited to announce my pledge to donate $10,000 to Smile Train if we win a Townie Choice Award this year! Smile Train is a non-profit organization that targets the problem of cleft lip and palate among children. They provide doctors with the training and funding necessary to provide simple and immediate cleft-repair surgeries. Thanks to the Smile Train, millions of children are able to eat, breathe and smile with ease for the first time in their lives. We’ve had the honor of winning a Townie Choice Award for the category of “Consultants and Advisors” for the past...

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Do You Think of Yourself as RICH?

Do you think of yourself as rich?   Let me tell you something. I can afford any material possession I could ever want. If I wanted to, I could lead a totally different lifestyle… I could go to lavish parties on the beach, get drunk all the time, buy a new, expensive car every week— I’m not kidding! But I CHOOSE to pour my energy into the Scheduling Institute and into helping our members because I have SELF-DISCIPLINE. I put structure in place so that I lead a life of purpose, and can know that I am impacting as...

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7 Ways to Leverage Social Media for Your Practice

In the world of marketing, social media is the new, popular kid on the block. Up until the past decade, online marketing was limited to paid advertisements and business websites… but now, the line between entertainment, personal connections, and business networking is slowly becoming blurred. While there are obvious advantages AND disadvantages to this, one thing is clear: you need to learn the RULES, and how to play the game.   First, let’s review the different social media sites and how each one can be specifically leveraged…   Twitter: A brief, daily update for your followers (in 140 characters...

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