Month: August 2014

On-Site Training Make Up Days and a WOW-Worthy Challenge

Have you ever noticed that for some reason, it is usually the most basic AND important concept that the human brain is most likely to forget? Yes— tracking statistics, focusing on teamwork, streamlining efficiency, and mastering clinical skills are all extremely important, but the MOST important thing to remember (and the area I don’t want you to EVER neglect) is over-delivering on value to the patient. Always. Every single time you interact with a patient— whether it is a greeting from the front desk or a full cleaning— you should be asking yourself if you are giving them the...

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What Dentists Are Calling the Best Business Decision of Their Career

What’s so important about starting fresh? Imagine that instead of going to sleep at night and waking up in the morning… You are constantly awake. One day slowly drags into another… It sounds pretty miserable, doesn’t it?   Your practice is exactly the same way. How? Well, if you keep doing things exactly the same way without any kind of revitalization, I will tell you what is going to happen: First, you’ll have some growth. Every business has some amount of growth at the beginning— even if you go from one new patient to two, that’s a 100% increase!...

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Keeping Clarity of Right Vs. Wrong

 Have you ever had a manipulative team member that somehow made you question if you were RIGHT? Do you have that ONE employee that makes you feel like you’re in the WRONG when you critique how they’re doing something? Click the picture below to hear Jay’s advice on handling these people....

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How to Move Your Copywriting from Snooze to Sizzle

Consider this Copywriting 101! At the Scheduling Institute, we pride ourselves on having kick-@$$ marketing, (and when you schedule an On-Site Marketing training with one of our Certified Marketing Specialists, you’ll see what I mean.) But for now, we’ll give you the quick and dirty rundown on how to get the most BANG for your marketing dollar.   The main purpose of copywriting is to sell. Period. End of story. That means when you are writing copy, you need to use language that is colorful and PERSUASIVE, and that connects to the reader’s intellect and emotions…  Sounds like a...

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