Month: April 2014

The Myth of Mastery

I frequently refer to the mastery of the various aspects of running a business, but I should clarify — there is no such thing as true mastery; there’s just CONSTANTLY GETTING BETTER. For example, you never truly master your Human Capital. You develop a great team… then you constantly build on it to make it even better. The idea that you can establish something with your human capital — or any piece of your business, for that matter — and then just leave it alone and expect it to maintain itself at a high level is a false construct....

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5 Ways to Go from “Average” to “The Best”

No one wakes up in the morning with the goal of being mediocre! And no one dreams of building a business that is “just kind of okay.” You would never want to get dressed up for an event and look your worst. So why would you make a vision for your practice that is ANYTHING but THE BEST?! If you want to be the best of the best, you have define what that means for YOU and YOUR PRACTICE. So what does it mean to be the “best practice” in your defined area? It means you have the best...

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Are YOU Driving Home in The U JEEP?

As you should know by now, Jay is giving away five Jeep Wranglers to some of our incredibly talented U members! One person from each U program (Hygiene, Team Leader, Front Desk, and Assistant) will be nominated as our Hygienist of the Year, Team Leader of the Year, Front Desk Staff of the Year, and Assistant of the Year and they will DRIVE HOME in a beautiful, BRAND NEW Jeep! If YOU are planning to be that winner, you should be thinking about what you are going to do to win that Jeep every single day! Talk to your...

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Every Practice Needs a Superstar Team

Whether your practice has 3 employees or 30… the caliber of your team is JUST as important! You have to have a top-notch team in order to have a top-notch practice, and that all starts with having a Superstar Staff! Our philosophy is, “There is no shortage of opportunities, just a shortage of people willing to take advantage of them!” So if you’re a superstar, or if you know you’re capable of becoming one, NOW is the time to make it happen! To help you on that path, we are highlighting just ONE of the thousands of offices we’ve worked with...

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12 Ways to Make Your Clinical Team More Efficient

Does your Clinical Team understand your vision for this area of your practice? Have you even set a vision for this area of your practice? If not, you should make it a priority to invest in training and motivating this team so they can produce better results for you! To get you started, we’ve compiled these 12 Ways to Make Your Clinical Team More Efficient! Check them out below and comment to share your ideas for making your Clinical Team more effective so they are growing your practice for you… Be proficient with every/all procedures in your practice. This means...

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