Month: March 2014

Advice from Jay: Be a Responsible Steward

This month we are featuring several pieces of advice straight from Jay on how to improve yourself and your life. Stay tuned each week so you don’t miss these great tips! Particularly near the beginning of the year, I tend to reflect on concepts — both business-related and personal — that are near and dear to me. This is one I learned earlier in life, and to this day, it’s one I try to live by each and every day. The concept of stewardship is related to our mantra of “You get what you deserve”— a mentality you need...

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How You Can Double Your Production in 2014: Part 4

The four essential steps to the PROCESS of doubling your production are: (1) Make the decision, (2) Identify needed resources, (3) Develop the right support team, and (4) Implement an effective time management system. Whatever system you use, you should incorporate this approach to time management: assign every single day on your calendar one of the “three P’s” — Production Day, Planning Day or Personal Day. We covered Personal and Planning Days in Part 1. This segment is devoted to the all-important PRODUCTION DAY — your money-making day! PRODUCTION DAYS A Production Day is a day that you WORK...

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