Month: January 2014

Own Your Calendar By Improving Your Time Management This Year

You should begin every year by looking at your calendar and thinking strategically as far ahead as possible. Beginning with January, there are a few key things to consider: You may lose a few days to the weather, depending on where you live. So remember to build that into your plan. You may have some new monies available, due to the annual resetting of benefits. You definitely want to take advantage of the fact that a large portion of the population makes New Year’s Resolutions. The vast majority make resolutions that center around weight, looks, jobs, finances and relationships. In other...

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We’ve Said It Before… And We’ll Say It Again: Invest In Human Capital!

It certainly bears repeating… Invest in Your People! Invest in Your People! Invest in Your People! Even really great people need the right training and development to comprise a great TEAM. You have to INVEST in them — train them, create learning experiences, delegate projects and responsibilities, reward them, do things yourself that work along with those things to get the results you want. As part of your annual budget, take a portion of your revenue and set aside funds to invest in your employees throughout the year. Your goal should be to have the very best team possible — and to...

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