Month: January 2014

Raise Expectations for Your Staff and Learn to Delegate the RIGHT Way

One of the most important and effective things any leader can do is to raise expectations — for his organization and its people. If you don’t raise expectations — consciously and intentionally and on a regular basis — they are being lowered by default. The default is what happens when you do nothing. Employees will not only begin to lower performance expectations on themselves, but will get distracted by things that have nothing to do with your business goals. It’s human nature. So you have to counter that by raising expectations… and there’s no better time to do that than in January as you...

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Quick Tip Tuesday: Dental Practice Referrals Will Grow Your Practice!

One of the best ways to get your patients to send their friends and family members to your practice is to hold referral contests! Jay says that you should always have a referral contest running. This contest can be held over a 30-90 day time period depending on what you prefer. Many of our clients that do one every month are bringing in 20-40 referrals extra each month.

 Prizes can stay the same or rotate, just base the 
prize on your clientele. For kids, prizes like a bicycle or gaming system are popular. 
 TVs, iPads and 
laptops work really well for...

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Live Your Life and Lead Your Practice with PURPOSE

Even though we’re focusing on Human Capital this month, we thought it important to lay this as a foundation — not just for Human Capital, but for every aspect of your company. And that’s the concept of defining the TRUE PURPOSE of your business. Think about that. Think in your heart about why you’re in business. Yes, you’re a chiropractor or a dentist or an orthodontist or a cosmetic surgeon… but that’s not a purpose — that’s a description of the services you provide. A purpose is much more meaningful in life and to the people and world around you. As an example, at...

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Are You Taking Advantage of Every Opportunity for Practice Growth?

Many Practice owners come to us thinking their problems are different than mine. But just like you, I’m a working business owner. Some days I coach clients, some days I hold seminars, some days I do all those things necessary to run a profitable, fiscally responsible business, and MOST days I work on making my human capital — a staff of more than 200 employees ­­— the very best it can be! The biggest (and best!) part of my job is sharing with you what we do that’s successful. We share real-world application that we KNOW WORKS. We’re not giving...

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We Love to Over Deliver to Our Clients!

Over-delivery is one of our Core Values here at the Scheduling Institute. One way we aim to please is by catering our events with the best food, snacks, and treats, especially at our elite training staff courses – The U! Here’s just some of the delicious food featured for lunch last week:   If your staff members are looking for the best training, and if you’re looking for practice-changing experience, The U is what you need! It’s the most elite dental staff training and development available....

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