Month: December 2013

Investments for Your Practice with Guaranteed ROI: Part 4

These strategies will help you make good investments that grow your business, and avoid bad investments that don’t. Jay is absolutely confident that if you implement all of these investment strategies over the course of a year, you are guaranteed to grow your business, increase production and collection, build a more engaged and productive team, and ultimately become a happier, healthier you! #10 — INVEST IN FAMILYYour family is — or should be — your most important set of relationships. Investing in these relationships will translate to business success because a happy, stable home base supports a more stable, more profitable base at work. Plan regular quality time and activities with your spouse, your...

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When Life Gives You a 2nd Chance — TAKE IT!

I WANT TO TAKE A MOMENT TO SHARE SOMETHING PERSONAL WITH YOU. AS SOME OF YOU ALREADY KNOW, I’VE HAD SOME HEALTH SCARES WITHIN MY FAMILY IN THE LAST COUPLE OF MONTHS — SPECIFICALLY WITH MY DAD. While riding his bike, my Dad was hit by a truck at over 50 miles per hour. It goes without saying that he was in really rough shape. After days in the ICU, things were looking even worse. I was standing by his bed and found myself thinking of all the things I wish I had done differently. I should have spent more time with him. I should have come back home to see him, instead of making him always...

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What Does YOUR Best Year Ever Look Like?

If you want to make next year your BEST YEAR EVER, first you have to DECIDE what that means to you — decide exactly what you want. If you want more money, write down what that number would be. If you want more time off, write down how much more. If you want a better relationship with your spouse, write down what you want from the relationship, what you would do differently, and how many more date nights you will plan. If you want better relationships with your kids, write down what you will do to get along better,...

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