Month: November 2013

Engage “The Law of Environment”

All of us with kids know what sponges they are — they soak up everything they see and hear and feel — even when we’d prefer they don’t! As adults, we too continue to soak up everything around us throughout our entire lifetime. A principle called “The Law of Environment” states that wherever you are reinforces who you are. In other words, our surroundings exert an incredibly strong influence over how we think, speak and act. So when it comes to “positive mental nutrition” — which comes from what we read, watch and listen to on a regular basis — the key is to be intentional. In light of...

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*Secrets of the MOST Successful People You Know

The blog posts in this series are intended to be a full play-by-play manual on achieving success that has been designed to give you a powerful new perspective on how to think about success and goals. Learning the secrets of the top 1% of society’s most successful people will help you assess and change your own life for the better — what you do, why you do it, how you do it, and how it relates to your business AND to your quality and way of life. The top 1% of society’s most successful people are different than your average person because they take the time to sets goals in writing for all areas of their life. About 3-5%...

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