Month: November 2013

Successful Dentists Work Smarter, Not Harder!

No doubt about it… when you’re first starting a business, you have to work really hard and put in some really long hours. But after a certain point, it actually becomes counterproductive to keep working that hard. Remember our top 1% of society who are the most successful people in the world? They learn this principle early on. If you “work smarter and shorter” you will see better results! As crazy as that might sound, here’s why it works: As business people, most of us are paid for using our brains — for solving problems, developing relationships, generating new business, whatever. Working longer and harder does NOT make you good...

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Self-Assess, then Find Your Genius to See Success

Self-Assess If you’ve been reading this series, you should already be thinking about your business with a different perspective — from the perspective of a “1%-er.” So now it’s time to think about yourself with a different perspective. If you’re serious about wanting to make a quantum leap from where you are today, you have to do some honest self-assessment, and ask yourself some really thought-provoking questions about your professional AND your personal life: Just what IS my dream, my vision? What is the quantum leap I want to make?   Based on those two answers, now ask yourself: Where do...

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Marketing Wins: Dr. Hammad Aziz & North Aurora Smiles Team

AFTER ATTENDING THE BEST MARKETING SEMINAR EVER 2.0, Amina was determined to IMMEDIATELY revamp her marketing plan! In just three days, she put together a post- Halloween Candy Buy Back program. Her goal was to promote their office in the community while supporting a great cause, Operation Gratitude, which sends the sweets and treats to our troops overseas. Nearly all of the Candy Buy Back participants were new to the office and therefore potential New Patients the team is eager to convert! They also saw an 8% increase in Facebook likes and collected over 70 pounds of candy! Giving back to a great cause and producing several potential NewPatients is well worth the money invested in the program. CONGRATULATIONS TO AMINA, DR....

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