Month: September 2013

Are You FULLY Engaged with People and New Patients?

My “two economy system” dictates that you ignore what’s going on with “THE” economy and instead focus only on what you have control over — that’s what we call YOUR economy, or your bubble. When economic times are challenging, though, you do need to be even more engaged. You need to be fully involved in and paying attention to ALL aspects of your business — especially your People and your New Patients. People. Purge the bottom 20% of your workforce, and really develop the other 80%. Replace the 20% with much higher-quality talent readily available in today’s labor pool. Great people will make...

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SI is the Top 3 Best Places to Work in Atlanta

The team of S.I. rockstars accepting our newest award as the 3rd Best Place to Work in Atlanta. Thank you to Jay and all of the Scheduling Institute family for making everyday more fun than the last! We love our jobs, and it’s great to have a trophy to prove...

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September 11th — Give Back Today

Looking for a way to give back on the anniversary of September 11th? Join us in supporting the Veterans After-Action Coalition to build homes for veterans. Please follow the link below to learn more:  ...

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