Month: July 2013

Patient Conversion and Compliance

Next to getting a handle on your New Patient Pipeline, Patient Conversion and Compliance is absolutely the #1 best area to focus on in your practice. Once you get your New Patient numbers up, your attention should immediately go to increasing your average revenue per patient. When you start digging into this critical and often misunderstood area it will ultimately lead to significant practice growth. When you make the necessary changes you’ll immediately see the difference in your practice, your personal life, and especially your bank account. Learning the secrets to getting your patients to say YES to treatment...

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Seeing the Light: Discover the Power of Your Vision in 4 Quick Steps: Part 1

Does your team fully understand the vision you have for your practice? Are they fully engaged in the journey to attain that vision? Are you? If you hesitated to answer for even a moment, it’s time to wake up and take ownership of the creation and maintenance of your vision.   Creating a vision for your practice is one of the most important strategies for your practice growth, and also one of the easiest to undervalue and overlook. All great organizations have a clear vision that is communicated to everyone in the organization. If you want to have a...

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