Does your Clinical Team understand your vision for this area of your practice? Have you even set a vision for this area of your practice? If not, you should make it a priority to invest in training and motivating this team so they can produce better results for you! To get you started, we’ve compiled these 12 Ways to Make Your Clinical Team More Efficient! Check them out below and comment to share your ideas for making your Clinical Team more effective so they are growing your practice for you…

  1. Be proficient with every/all procedures in your practice. This means to make and use a checklist for setup, recording notes, treatment, breakdown, and daily duties. Develop a process for everything the office does and the team does. This checklist allows you to do the same thing each time, the correct way each time, and the most efficient way possible.

  2. Fill all holes in the schedule. The quickest way to destroy profits is by not keeping providers busy. Develop a process for handling the constant changes in the schedule. Plan for them, because they happen every day! Downtime should not be a surprise!

  3. Confidently ‘present and close’ treatment plans. This is a training issue. The strategies for closing patients on great treatment is by uncovering what they really want.  Ask, and they will tell you! Make your motto, “Ask, don’t tell”

  4. Time all procedures and eliminate wasted time.  Another crucial strategy!  Reaching production goals is easier when you set your schedule to allow the goal to be reached. Your team should time every procedure and then look for areas of wasted time. The next step is to set up a new process and time again. The idea is to make ‘continual improvement’ a way of life in your practice.

  5.  Think BIG! The doctor must have a clearly defined vision that excites the team. When the team buys into the vision and gets excited, you are on the way to achieving practice goals. By thinking of where they can go and how great they can be, the team starts to gain confidence in accomplishing things that never seemed possible. 

  6. Always put the patient first. Patients want things right now!  It is something that means giving patients WHAT they want and WHEN they want it!  Become the office of “YES”!

  7.  Learn to delegate. Always train the team and allow them to do everything that they legally can do. Don’t let your team get bored with the same thing daily! Continually train them to next level care and challenge them to give their best!

  8.  Prioritize time your time. Time is something we never have enough of. Learning strategies to be the most efficient at everything that we do is invaluable. This is a training issue. Decide what the team needs to go to the next level and train them to get there. Talented people follow opportunity, so provide them opportunities!

  9.  Set up incentives correctly. Given the right incentives, your team will step up and respond!   The right team members love to be challenged and will love the rewards for constantly challenging themselves. Don’t delay in getting this done.

  10. Instill accountability for results. At the Scheduling Institute, we live by “You Get What You Deserve”. Hire, train and hold accountable!   Everyone on the team should clearly understand their role and expectations of what the overall goal is. The right team will rise to the occasion.  The ultimate goal is progress toward the goal and not perfection.

  11. Track your stats. Most people do not naturally love to track numbers.  But, by tracking daily results, the numbers will always tell a story.  You just have to look at the information to see what the lesson is in the numbers.  Tracking stats has the end result of becoming aware of what actions create great results and identify things that are holding us back.   What are the numbers telling you? 

  12. Think like an entrepreneur!  Team members should always look at their area as a business within the overall business.  Each decision should be made remembering that patients need a thriving business that is successful. Run your area like your job depends upon it — because it does!  There is nothing wrong with providing world-class care and charging fair fees for delivering it.

If you need help getting your Clinical Team engaged and focused, give our experts a call today! We can show you how to transform your team and motivate them with better rewards so they’ll grow your practice for you… 866-917-2808.