When we first suggest any doctor can DOUBLE THEIR PRODUCTION, most doctors are skeptical. Too many think their situation, their economic environment, or their staff issues are unique, and that we don’t understand. They believe their business is as good as it gets because they’ve tried this and that over and over, and business never gets better. These unfortunate souls fall into the “Helpless Victim” category, and there’s little we can do for them if they don’t change their mindset.

The most successful doctors fit into the “Learner” category. They believe they can control their circumstances; they’ve learned in their lifetime that intentional decisions, followed by planning and targeted actions create desired outcomes. They also know that here at the Scheduling Institute, we’re in the business of making doctors’ lives better, and they accept that we do indeed know a lot about what we’re talking about.

 We can teach any doctor the STRATEGIES for controlling their circumstances, and the PROCESS for doubling their production. We KNOW what it takes… because we help doctors do it all the time!



It all starts with a DECISION to actually do it!

Be very clear about your DAILY PRODUCTION GOAL. Which means, each Production Day — the day you would typically treat patients — you set a goal to produce twice the revenue you currently produce. Write it on a piece of paper… even say it out loud — first to yourself, and then to your leaders and your staff. That will have an enormous impact on how likely you are to achieve that goal. It shows you’ve actually MADE THE DECISION and you INTEND to do it. You wake up your brain to being so much more aware of what you do that does… and does not… increase your production.

You will not achieve your goal on your first day! Part of your decision is that you and your entire team will work hard on this for the next six months. Not just tomorrow, not just next week and next month, but for the next six months. It’s a process, not a quick fix.


You won’t go from $4,000 on Friday to $8,000 on Monday. But if you reach $4200 on Monday, you haven’t failed; you’ve learned how to increase your production by $200, and that’s a great start! Now you capture and incorporate those lessons into your systems and quickly go up another $500… and then another… and another. You keep doing new things, trying new strategies, repeatedly engaging your team, and celebrating progress along the way as you’re moving in the right direction.

Be persistent, and don’t get discouraged or give up! If you don’t give up, it’s highly likely that you will achieve your goal… whereas if you give up, it’s a guarantee that you won’t achieve your goal!