Let’s do a quick mental exercise together.

Alright, imagine that your Practice is a pipeline.

Patients enter at one end, receive services, and then leave out the other end. The end where they are initially entering the pipe— that is where marketing comes into play. Marketing is the force that drives New Patients TO your Practice. It seizes their attention and calls them to act— so they pick up the phone, schedule an appointment… BOOM.

Into the pipeline they go.


But what if there were a hole at the very beginning of the pipe?

What if for every two patients going into the pipe, ONE fell OUT within the first few feet?


We have a saying here at the Scheduling Institute: New Patients are the lifeblood of every Practice. Without New Patients, there is NO WAY that your Practice can grow to its full potential. A New Patient is worth anywhere from $1,500 to $8,000 in procedures— on average— over the course of their lifetime. It doesn’t stop there, either… A satisfied New Patient means friend referrals— possibly three, four, or even five.

That’s some SERIOUS money.


But what does that mean for your Practice?

It means that every single time a New Patient calls in and the phone is NOT answered correctly, you are missing out on a huge moneymaking opportunity. It means that if you don’t properly train your staff on how to answer the phones—meaning that they are scheduling almost every potential patient that calls— you are flushing thousands upon thousands of dollars down the toilet EVERY DAY.


You could be spending tons of money on brilliant marketing campaigns, but if your team isn’t trained to catch the New Patients when they call, your pipeline is chock full of holes.

Human Capital and Marketing are two sides of the same coin— they work hand-in-hand to send a strong flow of New Patients into the pipeline.


Believe it or not, your support team is probably your most underrated investment— and also the one with the potential for highest return. Training your team on how to answer the phones so that New Patients are not only scheduled, but also SHOW UP to their appointments, is one of the most important investments you will EVER make.

 If you’ve been one of my members for a while now, you know this is one thing I’ll say time and time again, because I think it is worth repeating: When was the last time your team had a phone training? Have you scheduled your next phone training? Is your whole team still 4-5 Star Certified?

Call me at 866-956-2520 to order a phone training with one of our Certified Specialists and make sure your team is still rockin’ the phones. Don’t let your New Patients fall through the holes!


Until next time,